A Puppy’s Wish at Christmastime


Hi there! I’m a puppy. Some people will call me Fido or Rufus. Others  will pick more sophisticated names for me like Hank or Reginald. I really don’t care so much about my name. What we really need to discuss is the home I may come to live in.

See, I have little choice in that matter. I was born to careless people who didn’t have their dogs spayed or neutered. They don’t really want me or my littermates. All they’ve done is let me get old enough to wean, and now they’re giving me away on Facebook. I hope I go to a good home.

I won’t be properly socialized, trained to behave, or housebroken. I’m far too young for any of that. My new owners will have to be patient and kind if they want me to learn that stuff. They’ll have to work hard each day to make sure I learn how to be a dog living in a person’s world. Wow. That’s so tough. But if they take the time, I’ll be great! I promise! Just please don’t hit me. Hitting hurts and makes me mean.

I also hope I go to a family who will love me. I only want a few things like nutritious food, veterinary care (including spay/neuter), plenty of walks, lots of cuddles, and people who will keep me safe. Please don’t give me the chain treatment. If I’m ever stuck out on a chain, my whole life will go wrong.

First, I will bark too much and the neighbors will hate me. Then, as I grow, the pesky chain will get caught in my fur. It pinches and chokes me and makes me angry. The weather will be another problem. It will be too hot or too cold. The little house you built for me will protect me a little bit, but never enough. Sometimes, you might forget to feed me. I’ll miss my people, and eventually, I’ll get mean. I might break my chain and run off. The place I end up will find me unsocialized and scared, and if I snap or bite, they’ll send me to the pound where my days will be numbered. I’ll eventually be “put to sleep” as they call it.  They’ll say I was a “bad” dog, but really, I’m not. I just had bad humans.

I know your kids keep saying they want a dog, but please, I beg you, make sure you want one, too. Kids can’t handle the responsibility of a dog. It’s just too much. I’m also going to require a good deal of money to keep me healthy, so if you can’t even afford my food, please let someone else take me. I get sick and need  to be taken care of just like a child. I don’t want to end up at the shelter because you can’t afford me.

Speaking of kids, could you not let them pull my tail or poke my face? I hate that, and sometimes I bite if they won’t stop. That’s not me being mean. That’s just how I show other dogs not to pick on me, and I’m showing your ill-behaved child the same. It’s just that you don’t understand. I don’t like them to bother me while I eat, or startle me while I sleep, either. Please tell them these things for me.

I’m really cute, I know, but could you please find out some things about me before you adopt me? I mean, you may not know exactly what breed I am, but if you can find out a little and research, that’d be great. Some of us require more grooming and exercise than others. When we don’t get it, bad things happen. Our fur mats to our bodies, or we get bored and destructive. That’s never good. Please try to learn about us. It’s just best that way.

All in all, I guess you should know dogs just aren’t for everyone. If you’re rarely home, travel a lot, have allergies, don’t have permission from a landlord, may need to move, or are expecting a new baby, it may not be best for you to have a dog. All those things put many of us on the death list of many shelters. Dogs aren’t toys. You can’t just get us one day and give us away the next. We’re not stuffed animals to keep the kiddos entertained for a couple weeks. We are living, breathing animals with emotions. We bond with our people, and we feel the heartbreak when someone drops us at the shelter. None of us deserve to be abused or neglected. None of us deserve a death sentence because our humans mistreat us. Please think deeply before you bring me home. I’ll pee on your carpet, chew on your shoes, shed on your clothes, maybe drool on the floor, dig holes in the yard, bark in the night, and jump on the sofa. If you can handle all that and give me what I need,  I will love you unconditionally. If you can’t, please let someone who can adopt me. I just want a family to love.

Please adopt responsibly. Unless you’re breeding to better the breed, spay and neuter. Remember to adopt, not shop. Backyard breeders and puppy mills are the sources for “mall puppies”. Educate yourself about the breed you’re choosing, and make sure a dog fits into your family before adopting. Puppies and dogs make horrible holiday gifts. Save the dog for a different day without all the hustle and bustle of the holidays. 

( Image source: http://www.dailypuppy.com/puppies/arnie-the-great-pyrenees_2012-03-13)