For Those Who Oppose #TakeItDown


Anyone who believes the Confederate flag should remain intact flying proudly on government owned property needs a lesson.

Yes. This is part of our American history, albeit a disgusting part. Flags flying are meant to represent something we are proud of—something that serves as a true representation of who we are as a collective people.

I’m sorry to those who squabble about “to each his own,” no. Not to each his own. You are dead wrong. What that flag represents is not a proud representation of who we are 155 years after the Civil War. It’s a sad depiction of who those in the South once were, but there is nothing to be proud of. Letting it remain is no different than saying a Nazi flag should be outside the gates of Auschwitz because it’s part of that history. Would you “proud southerners” agree to that? Of course not.

Flags were invented to create a sense of nationalism. They are meant to bind one people, yet distinguish them from others. Our American flag does that job quite well. We do not need something else to divide us amongst ourselves.

We are a diverse country, built of every nationality imaginable. Some of them immigrated here by choice. Others were brought here in chains. It is not right to continue to celebrate that part of our history that saw men, women, and children enslaved, abused, and murdered. It is not right to continue to celebrate a portion of our country so hell-bent on building a superior economic system that they did so by pillage and plunder. I’d rather hoped by 2015, we could leave our past to only reflect upon so we would not be doomed to make the same mistakes.

What Alabama did today was right. #TakeItDown. Remove that horrible symbol from serving as a representation of American culture. We are no longer those people.

One last thing—for anyone who purports to support LGBTQ rights, but can somehow say this flag is a good thing, there is a level of mass confusion going on in your brain you should probably sort out sooner than later. Because I’m here to tell you, that “southern pride” good ol’boy system you show support for by raising your confederate rag is the same system that, by and large, would harm the very people you say you support.

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2 thoughts on “For Those Who Oppose #TakeItDown

  1. For myself I had also made the comparison with the swastika (on flags). The swastika has been the symbol of Nazi Germany, but to some also represents a fertility symbol (in India I think??) But because of the atrocities committed by the Nazi regime it’s impossible to ever see it like that again. Exact same thing with the confederate flag. To many people outside the USA the confederate flag means only one thing: slavery, hatred, racism. To be honest, a lot of people here didn’t even know it was still in use for any other purposes than showing you are a racist. :-\


  2. To be honest, I wasn’t aware until the last couple of weeks that this confederate flag was in use at government locations. I knew some people associated with hate groups still used it, but when I found out government entities still did it made me cry. There’s no reason for it at all.


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