Quick Excerpt from “Spoof”


“We grew up with parents who did the very best they could for us. They tried hard to teach us what we’d need to succeed in life, but they failed us. Their failure wasn’t their fault, though, you see. They failed us because the American Dream failed them.”

The Sheriff walked away wishing he didn’t have to tell the boy that, break his heart that way, but someone had to set him straight. It wasn’t small-town life or the people who lived it who ruined the world for the kid. It was something far beyond anything they could ever imagine that had torn their town, Keller, apart limb from crumbling limb.

It was the citizens who were the endangered species. Sure, they’d fought for the whales, the bears, birds, fish, and even plants, but no one had ever taken into consideration it would be the biggest species on earth that the government would let fade out of existence—well not all of them. Just the unimportant ones. The ones that didn’t matter. Those outside a tax bracket that could fund a campaign. Politicians couldn’t kill them off—hell no, that’d be a crime. But they sure could let their industry die, and after that followed the livelihood, the happiness, their lives. Moving to the city was about all they had, but he’d be damned if he’d let what his grandpa helped build be destroyed in a generation. As long as he could still slide his feet into his boots, the Sheriff made sure that town’s heart was beating.


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