Newest Excerpt from “Spoof”


“You see, son, killers are like nightmares. They both start out benign-friendly even. No one ever drifts off to sleep and falls smack dab into the middle of a nightmare. Nightmares are what happens when that beautiful dream twists and turns in your head until it becomes so distorted it starts attacking you. Killers are the same way.

Most folks aren’t killed by strangers. It usually turns out that whoever’s doin’ the killin’ used to be the victim’s friend–an acquaintance at least. Then somethin’ happens –jealousy, an argument, just somethin’ that twists that friendship until someone ends up dead. Ya can’t always trust friends, boy. ‘Cause just like your dreams, friends can make you wish you’d never closed your eyes.” ~From “Spoof”-TLN


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