My Ranty Anti-Holiday Post


My family and I really don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. We don’t do the “let’s post how thankful we are for 30 days, only to forget the other 335 days of the year” because being thankful for what we have is a year round activity for us. We recognize that we are lucky to be better off than 85% of the world’s population simply by having clean water, sufficient housing, and plenty food, among other things, so we always try to give back—not just in November. That whole thing of thankful Facebook posts is such a sham to me.

We also do not celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday activities proper. For us, it is simply a day off work when we get to spend time with loved ones, but you won’t find any paper pilgrims or cartoonish Native Americans hanging about our home. What most Americans ignore is that Thanksgiving celebrates the genocide of millions of Native Americans. It celebrates the removal of innocent people from their homes, the acquisition of their property, and the forced assimilation they faced. What Thanksgiving should be is a National day of mourning in remembrance of those who had everything, up to and including their lives, stolen from them. No. We don’t celebrate that. Thanksgiving is no more than a falsely constructed holiday invented to bolster nationalism—another plague of this country. We refuse.

Only adding fuel to my holiday fire of resistance is the commercialization of Christmas—which now apparently begins on Thanksgiving morning. Sure, it’s easy for corporations to justify making people work on one of the few holidays they could be home relaxing with their families, but most of that is bullshit. “Volunteer” is subjective. Volunteer or lose your job? Volunteer because we pay so little you need the extra money to pay the light bill? I’m sure some are glad to get the extra pay, but you’ll never convince me anyone is happy to be working in the chaotic dumpland that is Black Friday.

Moreover, do people even really celebrate Christmas? I mean for real celebrate CHRISTmas? I seem to be a bit hazy on the part in the Bible where it says go out and get in fistfights so you can run yourself into credit card debt buying little Johnny the most expensive electronic crap that you can brag to your neighbors and coworkers about. Maybe I overlooked that. What I haven’t overlooked is the onslaught of those same exact people telling me they want to keep CHRIST in Christmas. Bitch, please!?! YOU don’t even keep Christ in Christmas—JC Penneys, Walmart, Target, GameStop, or Kohls maybe, but not Christ. So when you stop your bullshit commercialization of a misplaced holiday laden with Pagan traditions you won’t admit to, then I’ll feel bad for saying X-mas. Until then, pass the potatoes, sit down, and enjoy some time with your family (something Christ would have encouraged) on a day built for relaxation—not for lining the pockets of the ultra-wealthy who just want you to keep spending money (something Christ would have deplored).

End of the year holidays are stressful enough without worrying about how much I can afford to spend on gifts I’ll be paying interest on long after the stuff is gone. No fake holidays celebrating the massacre of Native People or commercialization of a deity for profit for me. I’ll just be over here hanging with my kids, reading books, eating rubbish, and watching a Simpsons marathon.

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