Tonight on TV 11-09-14


Because I’m too sick to write about anything truly important, let’s talk about tonight on TV.
The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season Premier

My guilty pleasure (Don’t Judge) is the Real Housewives franchise. Tonight’s season premiere of The Real Housewives of Atlanta has been much anticipated with the news of Apollo Nida’s prison sentence making its rounds on social media in past weeks. All I can say about tonight’s episode is: hold onto your hats for this season because all the drama!

Poor Phaedra. Her love, Apollo, disappointed her so much. Here she is out working, going to school, raising babies, and loving him, and he’s just out bilking millions from folks. I love that Phaedra is so strong to make the hard decisions and stay composed for her sons. Many women could take a few lessons from her.

I have to say, I don’t know Apollo’s circumstances, and I’m not too judgy because I sort of love Apollo, too. I mean, he’s sketchy as shit, but damnit, he seems nice enough. (Not to mention he has alllllll the hotness.) But seriously, Apollo seems like a loyal dude, honestly. I’d be his friend….not like a send him money in prison kind of friend, but I’d write him a letter or something.

Loyalty is in question, however, concerning Phaedra, but honestly, I get what she’s doing, too. Her name and business is at stake. When you’re trying to establish a business, you don’t need people thinking you might be involved in some shady shit like Apollo was involved with. And let us not forget she is an officer of the court. Her clients rely on her being responsible and trustworthy. I don’t know if I’d feel right retaining an attorney who had dealings with someone involved in criminal activity unless she was representing them. There is also the fact she’s raising two little boys. They have to know criminal behavior is not acceptable. If they see mommy condone it, then they’re going to believe it’s okay.

I feel horrible for Apollo. It made me sad to see him standing alone on what must have been a terrifying day. On the other hand, he had to know the risk he was taking. This isn’t his first whirl around the prison block. He gambled and he lost, simple as that. Unfortunately, it looks like it might cost him his family—not to mention a professional future and 8 years of his life (5 with good behavior).

I have no idea how stable their marriage was. I don’t know what went on when the cameras stopped rolling. All I can say is I wish them the best, and that I hate to see Atlanta’s best looking couple breaking.

Miss Nene Leakes. Does she ever not shine? I love her so much. No matter where the cards fall, she picks them up and moves on. Haters gonna hate, and Nene’s gonna do her thing regardless. I can’t wait to see how this season unfolds with the tension surrounding her and other cast-mates. Loved her look on Watch What Happens Live tonight, also.

It’s so great that Kandi and Todd finally tied the knot no matter what Mama Joyce said. I’m sure Kandi wouldn’t like anyone hating on her mom, and I’m not really hating on her….I love me some Mama Joyce, but she seriously needs to chill out for a minute. Todd seems like a great guy, and Kandi is more than happy with him. It seems to me like Joyce would be happy to see her daughter happy. But we all know how moms can be—too much time, too little to do. So, there they are all up in our business.

I don’t have much to say about Cynthia or Kenya. To me, Cynthia needs to reevaluate her friendship with Kenya. Kenya just wants her fame, and she’s going to use Cynthia now to try to work her way into being someone relevant. She’s not. She won’t be, but she damn sure will try. Better listen to Nene, Cynthia.

The Walking Dead

In other less “reality TV” news—was anyone else snoozing through tonight’s Walking Dead episode? I’m sorry, but other than Glen and Maggie, this group annoys and bores me.

I don’t think I’m alone when I say I think we all pretty much knew Eugene was no super scientist, and his creepy peeper scene tonight was too much. Okay, Creeper McPeeper, now that we know you’re meaningless can you just go stand over there and let us get back to some Daryl? Can we go check on Beth and Carol now?

Abraham is now a man without a mission, but at least he’s not the dead weight Eugene seems to be. I just want Glen and Maggie to find the group, help save Beth, and be done with the weirdos. I also want next week’s episode to redeem the snoozefest that was this week’s. And hey, we all know that pesky mid-season break thing will be coming soon. So it better get back to good quick.

To all my fellow #RHOA and #TheWalkingDead fans—thanks for reading. See you next week on Twitter—follow me for live tweet convo!


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